Friday, December 28, 2007

I just want to remember this....

Considering how much my life is about to change, I just wanted to take a moment to focus on the wonderful things that I have in my life before our son is born. I really do have so many things to be thankful for, and I don't ever want to forget these things. I know that once Brandon gets here, my life is going to be so consumed with him and being a Mommy, but right now, I am so blessed just being Becky.

First off, I have my husband. I am seriously so blessed to have such a wonderful, loving, and supportive husband. Sure, he has his "man moments," but overall, he is phenominal. He works so hard, and asks for nothing in return. It is truly amazing to know that I am loved so much by this wonderful man. He really knows me, and wants to know me, and is happy with just me. I love that we can sit in the same room and not have to speak to each other, yet we are completely comfortable and know that no words need to be spoken. Our relationship is the perfect definition of home. He genuinely cares about my well-being and my happiness. For him, I am truly blessed.

Next, and this may sound ridiculous to some, but I have the best pets on earth!!! I know that some people do not value their animals as much as I do, and that is their own choice. My pets are my babies, and I love them more than anything!! I absolutely love waking up and snuggling with my Emily. She is the kindest, most gentle dog I have ever met. My heart melts when I look at her. She is just so sweet and loving. Then, there is Kitters. Heh, she is a fiesty and fat kitty and I wouldn't change a thing about her. It is amazing how much personality a cat can have. I love snuggling up on the couch with her and taking our naps. So, yeah, my pets are awesome.

I have some great friends!!! Granted, some friends are better than others, but overall, I have amazing friends. I know the friends that I have I can count on, and will always support me. It's amazing how close you can become with someone in such a small amount of time. I have friends that I know will be there for me regardless of the circumstances. It's such a relief to know that no matter what happens, people will be there to help you and give you all the support needed. To these people (you know who you are) I am forever grateful and I love you all dearly.

My This one is suprising to me. As I have gotten older, I have grown to appreciate my family so much more. I have a great Mom that has become more a best friend than a mother. My sisters are miracles. Suprisingly, I have started to rebuild a relationship with my Dad and that is something I never thought would happen. My In-laws are fantastic as well. I could not chosen better in-laws. Everyone in my family is so supportive. I am so blessed to have such a wonderful support system.

I just wanted to take a quick look at the things in my life that I am grateful for right now. I am so blessed to be pregnant, and to have a healthy baby boy on the way; however, I was blessed before I became pregnant. I just wanted to remember this fact.

Monday, December 24, 2007

Holy Nesting Batman!

Anywho, I have been cleaning ALL day!!! The house wasn't even that messy, but I have been cleaning non-stop since I woke up. Plus, I cleaned alot yesturday too. Aparently, the nesting bug has hit me and I can't stop cleaning. Yesturday I didn't do a whole lot of cleaning, but I did manage to get some stuff done. Let's see....what all have I done??

Yesturday I...

Washed/dried/folded and put away 5 loads of laundry,

Cleaned out the fridge and freezer,

Cleaned out the toaster,

Cleaned the microwave,

Cleared off the cabinets and washed them down,

Cleaned the fans in our bedroom,

Wiped down the tv and computer.

Today I have.....

Wiped down the canisters in the kitchen,

Wiped down the Culligan water thingy,

Pledged the entire dining room set including the chairs and sticky rolled them to get the cat hair off of them,

Swept and mopped the kitchen and living room,

Dusted the entertainment center and coffee table,

Sticky rolled the couch and loveseat to get the pet hair off of them,

Cleaned the oven,

Cleaned the window sills,

Cleaned the bathroom,

Organized the laundry room and washed off the washer and dryer.

I am getting ready to.....

Sweep and mop the hallway and laundry room,

Do another couple of loads of laundry,

Clean up our bedroom,

and Vacuum the rug in the living room and the rug in the hallway then spray them with carpet spray.

That's all I can think of for now. Sometime this week I have to manage to find a way to get Brian to put all of his Army stuff away because it is all over the guest room. Once that is done I can straighten that room up again. Oh, and I also have to take down all of the Christmas decorations later this week. Sheesh....I should be exhausted, but I'm FULL of energy. They say that once you start nesting that you go into labor within a couple of weeks. I think this is an old wives tale, but I can't say I'd be dissappointed if it weren't!!! I can't WAIT to meet this little guy!!!! Only 26 days until D-day!!!!

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Dr. Appointment!

Hello everyone!! It' Dr. Appointment update time!!! We saw Dr. Holland yesturday for my 36 week appointment (I am actually 35 weeks and 4 days). It was another great appointment. Brandon is doing great. His heart rate is excellent. I am measuring at 37 weeks, which is a little ahead, but completely normal. We asked Dr. Holland if he could tell what position Brandon is in. His exact quote was, "Oh yeah. He's head down, big time." I wonder if that is any inclination that Brandon is going to have a big head. Eeeek! I had my group b strep test done, and should get those results at my next appointment. We duscussed induction briefly because I would like to avoid being two weeks late since my family is coming to visit exactly two weeks after my due date. Dr. Holland said that at my next appointment, which will be my 38 week appointment, they can do an internal check to see if I've made any progress and if my cervix is favorable (meaning dialated to at least a 2 and starting to efface) then I can choose to have my membranes stripped. I doubt that I will be dialated enough to have that procedure done, but if I am, I will probably wait until my 39 week appointment because we are supposed to pick up the Roberts family from the airport the day after my 38 week appointment, so I don't want to leave them hanging. Plus, I don't mind waiting until 39 weeks to get things moving. The stripping of the membranes does not ensure that labor will start, but it does encourage the body to start dialating. So, that is pretty exciting. They went ahead and scheduled my next 3 appointments. The 38 week, 39 week, and 40 week appointments, so that is really exciting. It is so nice to be getting down to the wire. We are both so excited and cannot wait to meet little Brandon. As far as I am concerned, all I am waiting on is our travel system to come in the mail, and Brandon can show up any time after that. I am SOOOO ready to meet this little guy. That's about all the updates I have for you all. I will post another update after my next appointment, which is on January 4th. 30 days left!!!! Eeek!!!

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

38 days left...planning, planning, planning!

So, yeah, the title is correct. We have 38 days until our due date (and today is half over!!). We are SOOOO excited, anxious, and nervous to meet our baby boy. We are in the last stretch to finish any planning and preparing for Brandon's arrival. We don't really have that much to do, so I guess that is a good thing. We have our room set up with a pack and play and changing table. We would like for him to have his own room, but with family coming for 3 weeks after he is born, the extra room has to be saved for family. I'm sure that we will want him close to us the first couple of weeks anyway. We have lots of clothes, his swing, bathtub and toiletries, blankets, bottles, breast pump, diapers, wipes, etc. for him. The only thing we are waiting on is his stroller, car seat, bouncer, and some crib sheets which are in the mail. So, they should be here in the next couple of weeks. The only thing left to buy are some hooded towels, a diaper genie, and maybe some more blankets. Other than that, we are good. We start Birthing Classes tomorrow night, so that is exciting!!! Every Thursday night from 7-9 for the next 4 Thursdays we will be learning all about giving birth and the arrival of our little blessing. I can't wait!!! I've been saving some things to do so I can help prevent the insanity that comes with waiting to go into labor. I still have to wash his clothes. That's about it. I should have saved more things for me to do, but I have been so bored. I finished filling out the baby book up to this point, and I wrote my letter to Brandon. I need to order some pictures for his baby book, so I will do that this weekend. Brian has a longer to do list than I do. He has to clean out the car, give Emily a bath, and write his letter to Brandon. He's been in the field, so he hasn't been able to do these things, but since he is home, he needs to get cracking!! Don't worry....I'll stay on top of him!! :) So, yeah, these next 38 days are going to either fly by, or drag. I'm sure that it will be a combination of both, but it will all be worth it when we hold Brandon for the first time. Life couldn't be better.