Sunday, March 30, 2008

2 Month's old!!

From B's old myspace page:

So, I am 2 months old today!!! Yay me!!!! Mommy and Daddy keep telling me how big I’m getting. I guess they are right because I have gained 3.5 pounds and grown 3.5 inches since I was born!!! Lately my favorite thing to do is to watch the mobile in my swing go around and listen to the music my swing plays. I love my swing SO much!!! Also, Mommy and Daddy started story time with me!!! I love to listen to the stories that they read me!! I am working on my tummy time, but it is definately not my favorite thing to do. I am getting much better at holding my head up when Mommy and Daddy hold me though. I love to smile and am laughing more and more often. I also love to eat my milkies!!!! Mommy and Daddy are shocked that I am eating 6 ounces every 4 hours!!! I’m still sleeping really well too. Mommy puts me to sleep around 11pm and I sleep until around 6am when Daddy gets up for work. Mommy feeds me and changes my diaper, then I go back to sleep until around 9 or 10am. I also take a few cat naps throughout the day. Sometimes Mommy snuggles with me during my naps. Those naps are my favorite. I have also been spending alot of time with my Auntie Ginny and BFF Dono!! They love me and I love them too!!! That is about all that is going on with me!!! I’m just working hard on growing and making Mommy and Daddy’s lives complete. It’s hard work being a baby!!!

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

2 Months!

From B's old myspace page:

Today was my 2 month well baby dr appointment. I am perfectly healthy and thriving. Mommy and Daddy had a few questions for Dr. Sherman. They discussed the dry skin on my cheeks. Dr. Sherman suggested buying some Aveno lotion to put on it and to wash it with a sponge to get circulation going, but said that it is perfectly normal and would clear up on it’s own. She also recommended giving rice cereal anywhere between 3-4 months to help with iron levels because they naturally drop around that time. Iron and brain development go hand in hand, so Mommy may start me on rice cereal around 3-4 months. Mommy asked about allergies because I rub my nose alot, but Dr. Sherman said that there is no way to check for allergies in babies and even if I did have allergies the only thing that would be safe for me to take would be saline drops. So, Dr. Sherman recommended getting a HEPA filter. Mommy is going to buy a filter when we get to Grandma’s house. Mommy and Daddy also discussed constipation and hard poopies. Lately I have been struggling to poop, so Dr. Sherman said that I could have a little apple juice to get things moving. Mommy has to dilute it to one part juice, one part water. So, hopefully that will help with the struggling I’ve been having lately. I am exactly 8 weeks today. I weigh in at 13.2 pounds and am 25 inches long!! That is almost a pound heavier than last week, and an inch longer!!! I am definately growing fast!!!

After my appointment with Dr. Sherman, I had to get my shots. I was given the rotovirus vaccine, which is a drink. That wasn’t too bad. After the drink, I had to have my HIB shot and my DTaP shot. They were out of the prevnar vaccine, so I have to get that one next week. The HIB shot is the Haemophilus Influenza shot, and the DTaP is the diphtheria, tetanus, and pertussis vaccine. It was NOT fun getting shots, but I didn’t do too bad. I cried, but as soon as Mommy picked me up, I was ok. I am feeling icky today because of the shots, but Mommy and Daddy are taking good care of me. Hopefully I will feel better tomorrow.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Ultrasound results

From B's old myspace page:

I had the ultrasound of my sacral dimple done on Monday. Today we got the results, and they are normal!!! Yay!!! I do not have spina bifida occulta!!!! Mommy and Daddy were SO relieved!!! I also had a check up and I am doing great!!! I weigh in at 12.5 pounds and 24 inches long! I am a growing healthy boy and Mommy and Daddy couldn’t be happier!!!

Follow up

We had Brandon’s follow up appointment and ultrasound result appointment today. He had the ultrasound done on Monday. Dr. Sherman, his pediatrician, said that the ultrasound came back looking completely normal!!! Brian and I were SOOOO excited to find out that his little dimple is a "normal abnormality." He is super healthy, eating like a champ, and growing like a little weed!!! He was 12.5 pounds and a little over 24 inches long!!! He has his 2 month check up next Wednesday. He will be getting his first round of immunizations. I am making Brian go with me to that appointment because I cannot stand to watch him get shots!!! Poor little guy. So, yay for an awesome result to his ultrasound!!!!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

5 week hospital stay

From B's old myspace page:

I just got out of the hospital today. I had to be admitted on the 8th because of a fever. It all started around 6pm Friday evening when Mommy noticed that I felt really hot. She took my temperature and it was 102! So, Mommy, Daddy, and I went to the emergency room. I had to have all kinds of tests run to make sure that I didn’t have anything really serious. I had to have blood drawn, a spinal tap, a urinalysis, a influenza culture, and an RSV culture done. Because I am only 5 weeks old, they had to hospitalize me and keep me on IV antibiotics and fever free for at least 24 hours. The doctors couldn’t get the IV in my arm or hand, so they had to put it in my head. It was not fun at all! After being admitted to the pediatric ward, the pediatrician checked me out and commented on the dimple that I have above my tushy. It is called a sacral dimple and Mommy and Daddy were asked if I had an ultrasound done to check for spina bifida occulta. Mommy and Daddy were very worried because nobody had mentioned anything to them before about it and spina bifida is a very serious disease. They were hoping to have the ultrasound done before I was released from the hospital, but we couldn’t get an appointment. So, my appointment is scheduled for March 17th to have the ultrasound done, and the results will be given and my follow up appointment on March 19th. I was finally released today, and the diagnosis is a virus. I am feeling much better now and am very glad to be home.

Monday, March 10, 2008

Our Poor Baby Boy!

Well, we jut got home from our 3 day hospital stay with Brandon. It all started on Friday. I noticed Friday evening that Brandon felt really hot. I took his temp and it was 102, so I called Brian and we headed to the ER. When we got there, his rectal temp was 100.5. Anything over 100.4 is your body fighting an infection and with him being only 5 weeks old they were concerned. They ran a number of tests to include a spinal tap, chest x-rays, a urinalysis, blood tests, influenza culture, and an RSV test. He was admitted to the hospital to be monitored, and to make sure that none of the labs came back positive. The initial labwork came back shortly after we were admitted and was all normal, but they watch some of the tests to make sure that nothing else grows within 24-48 hours. Poor guy was hooked up to an IV which had to be done in his head because the vein in his arm blew and the vein in his hand collapsed. We were told that it is normal for babies veins to collapse or blow because they are so tiny. His temp went down shortly after we got there with the aid of tylenol, but he had to be fever free for at least 24 hours. He was put on IV antibiotics every 6 hours. The last evening, his IV stopped working, so they had to remove it and instead of sticking him again with an IV needle, they decided to give him shots of the antibiotic. It was so hard watching him get poked and prodded at the whole time he was there, but we know that it was for the best. He is doing great and is back to his smiling, happy self. They are guessing that it was a virus because all of the labwork did not show anything to worry about. The only concerning thing that we were told at the hospital was about the little dimple on his back. He was born with a dimple on his back right above his butt. Apparently, they forgot to mention to us that it could be a sign of spina bifida! The pediatrician doesn't seem too concerned because all of his reflexes are normal and the spinal cord and nerve endings are not exposed. There is a condition called spina bifida occulta which is an extremely mild form of the disease. In this particular form of the disease, no other symptoms present themselves and many people have it their entire life and never even know. So, I guess if he does have it, that there is not a lot of reason for concern. We are scheduled to get an ultrasound to get it checked out on the 17th. We hate waiting that long, but that is the military healthcare system. As soon as we get the results, we will let you all know. So, we are glad to be home, and that Brandon is healthy. Thanks to everyone for all of your concern and help!!

A super special thanks to the Roberts' for watching Emily and Kitters for us on such short notice!!! We love you guys!!!! :)