Monday, January 30, 2012

Brandon is 4!!!!!

B turned 4 today!!! It's so crazy to think that 4 years have passed already! I remember bringing him home like it was just yesterday, yet so much has changed. Such a strange feeling.

He's an awesome kid, really. He is very well mannered, really good natured, a jokester, hilarious and sweet. He is also very smart and has really surprised us with how quickly he has learned at school. It really shouldn't have been a surprise as he always seems to excel academically.

His stats are: 50 pounds, 3ft 8 inches.

He loves: spaghetti, race cars (hot wheels), playing my iPhone, playing computer or video games, READING, cooking/baking, going for walks, checking the mail, being a helper, bubbles and a million other things.

We had a party at the post bowling alley on Saturday. Mimi and PawPaw as well as MeMaw and PaPaw were able to make it. His best friend Elijah was there as well as his friend Jathan from school and our friend Carson and his Mommy Brittany. It was a great time and spiderman cupcakes were enjoyed by all.

This morning, Daddy and I woke him up at 5:22am TX time (12:22pm German time) and surprised him with donuts for breakfast. He got to blow out the candle since I had forgotten to take it with me to the birthday party. He loved getting the special attention and also loved getting to help me make cupcakes for his class at 6am. I took the cupcakes to his class this afternoon and he really enjoyed getting to share them with is friends. He kept telling his friends that he made the cupcakes and that they were super yummy. :) When Daddy got home from work we took him out to dinner. He requested spaghetti for dinner so we went to Boston's. He loaded up on carbs and capped the evening with a sugary treat. He even got serenaded by a bunch of girls and got all shy. It was really cute. To add to the excitement, he was given a balloon animal by a clown that was at the restaurant! He was super stoked.

All in all, I'd say his birthday was a huge success! He had a great time and there were lots of smiles and hugs of thanks coming my way.

In other Brandon related news, his teacher and I were able to speak today. He was recently tested for mid-year testing and he did AMAZING! He only missed 3 questions out of the entire test and is one of the top students in his class! He is successfully completing work that a 4 year old-5 year old should be doing and this testing was done a couple of weeks ago! We are SO PROUD of him!!!! His teacher wants to make sure she is challenging him and is starting him in a reading group as well as making sure the level of work he is doing is appropriate for him. She is very pleased with his skills and we couldn't be happier! Such an awesome kid!!!