Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Brandon, Brandon, Brandon.....

Hello everyone!! We have had a VERY busy couple of days!!! As some of you know, we have been transitioning Brandon over to formula. We started with one feeding a day of formula and after a day or two, we increased it by another feeding. We were up to three formula bottles a day, and he was taking between 4 and 5 ounces a bottle!!! He was doing great for about a week. Well, yesturday he projectile vomited after his afternoon feeding. It flew from the coffee table, to the couch!!! It really had some air to it. Anyway, we called the 24 hour nurse line to see if there was anything that we should look for, and she recommended that we take him to the ER to make sure that he wasn't dehydrated. So, we took him in and they said that he looked great, but they scheduled us for an ultrasound on his tummy to make sure that he didn't have a condition called pyloric stenosis. From what I gather, the condition is caused by a weak connection of the stomach to the small intestine and the remedy is surgery. We came home thinking that it was probably a fluke, and were suprised when he projectile vomited again after his evening bottle. So, then, we were really worried. We weren't sure if he was vomiting because his stomach doesn't agree with the formula, he was eating too much at one sitting (he was taking between 5-6 ounces last night), or he had a virus. Brian and I didn't sleep at all last night because we were so afraid that he would throw up and ingest it into his lungs. We went in for the ultrasound this morning and got the results at his 2 week check up (even though he is really 3 weeks today). The ultrasound came back negative for pyloric stenosis, but they suspect that he may have a little acid reflux. The pediatrician also noticed a few other problems. He has a cogenital defect in his neck from being so big and cramped in such a small space for so long. It will be corrected, but will require a little physical therapy. He also has a hydroseal, which is a pocket of fluid on the testicle. Apparently, it isn't anything to be concerned about because the body will reabsorb the fluid. However, you have to be careful with hydroseals because they can hide herias. So, we have to keep an eye on it and make sure that it doesn't get bigger. He also has a hernia on his belly button, which is also completely normal and will also correct itself. The only thing the pediatrician was concerned about was the vomiting. She recommended feeding him smaller portions more frequently using the same formula that we had been feeding him. If he projectile vomits again, we are to take him to the ER and he will have to be admitted and have an upper GI test done to see if they can figure out why he is vomiting. If he spits up, but it isn't projectile then we are to swtitch him to soy formula and see if that helps. Tomorrow he has his audiology appointment and he has to have a bunch of labwork done. He has to have a couple of blood tests, a urinalysis, and an electrolyte panel done. Then, we have an appointment with the pediatrician on Friday to follow up on the lab results and more importantly to check how he is eating. So far, so good though. He ate a 2 ounce bottle and hasn't thrown up yet. That was almost an hour ago, so it is looking good. I must say that having a sick baby and trying to figure out all of this formula stuff is NOT fun!!! I just Brandon to be his usual happy self. I will post an update on Friday with the lab results and any more info that I am given.